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Local Issues

Election Results click below

 2016 Election Results

LaPaz County  Election Results August 30, 2016  



Listing of Packets Pulled for County Offices for Aug 30th and General Election Nov 8th

Board of Supervisor District #1 

D. L. Wilson (R)

Mesena Gilbert (D) 

Board of Supervisor District #2 

George Nault (R)

 Dan Dickinson (R)

Jay Clagg (R)

Charlie Philpot (R)

Duce Minor (R)

Lucas D. Marler (I)

Board of Supervisor District #3 

Holy Irwin (R)

Gary Zakrajsek (I)

County Assessor 

Anna Comacho (R)

Sharon Schuler (R)

County Attorney 

Kathy Field (R)

Tony Rogers (D)

County Recorder 

Shelly Baker (R)

County School Superintendent 

Jacque Price (R)

Armando Heredia (D)

County Sheriff 

John Drum (R)

William "Bill" Risen (R)

Frank Vidrine (D)

William Smith (R)

County Treasurer 

Leah Castro (R)






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Spanky's opened a new location at 400 Riverside Dr.



We need changes in LaPaz and there are several people stepping up to the plate! About Time!!

The Feds: BLM is still flexing their muscles...Again, now after boaters.


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