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  web site supplements newspaper, TV, Radio and Yellow Pages as a source for local advertising. 

Proceeds from ads assists in the spreading of our agenda.

Advertising Rates



750  x 225  Leader Board

$225 per month



525  x 225  Rectangle

$100 per month



225  x 450 
Sky Scrapper

$90 per month



225 x 225  Square

$50 per month

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Email your ad and then pay by PayPal using your favorite credit card


A “Clickable” link to your website or e-mail address is also included.

All online ad pricing indicated is a pre-paid rate via PayPal.

Rates are per month or fraction of.

We can also design a web site or page for you on LaPaz Tea Party.

Advertising Policies: reserves the right to cancel or reject any advertising at any time.

Following are guidelines for acceptance for classified and display advertising:

Ads may be rejected if they appear to be false, misleading, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, illegal, in poor taste or objectionable format.

Copy must comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations.

Real estate ads must conform to HUD guidelines.

Loans, lending or monthly credit payment ads must conform to "Truth In Lending" regulations.

Advertisers must supply their name, full address (not just a post office box) and phone number if it is not included in the ad

Additional Resources

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There are lots of people that just don't have the time to participate in activities during the work week but can afford to send in a few bucks.

It takes money to get the information out. Paying for tea bags, printing, phone, mailing, and other miscellaneous expenses.

We have volunteers that handle all the clerical services....we have NO paid employees!!

We are always looking for volunteers to stage activities, send out flyers, make phone calls to voters, politicians, and the media....just getting the word out for pre-election activities and encouraging everyone to vote because each vote counts.

Who do we support?......common sense candidates of any party.

Remember we are the BOSS of every politician...We need to remind them from time to time for they seem to forget.

You can assist us by sending in your contribution by clicking on the link below....thanks

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